Nicole Disson



Nicole produced a special theatrical presentation of musician Henry Wolfe's new album, ASILMOAR at the lillian theatre. The evening featured a collaboration between video designer Elliot Glass, lighting design by Ellie Rabinowitz and creative direction by Kitty McNamee. The result was a live show that was as stimulating visually as it was sonically, with the visuals specifically tailored to the sound of Wolfe's music to create an immersive experience that is bigger than the sum of its parts.  


Nicole produced and performed in ALL TOGETHER NOW, a mixed media event introducing a community of emerging female artists, held at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood.  The evening featured a photography exhibit by Shelby Duncan, instillation art by poet Jacqueline Suskin, video by cinematographers Crystal Moselle and KT Comkowycz and live performances by the LA Ladies Choir, singer/songwriter Jenny O., a dance piece choreographed and performed by Nicole with Suskin and guest DJ Ana Calderon. 

Write up in Splash Magazine on the event:

All Together Now Review -- Disson Produce's Winning Woman's Night 



In 2011 Nicole teamed up with Post Fact Productions as Director of Marketing and Associate Producer to help produce the remount of their original production NEW., a post-apocalyptic Rock Opera featuring original music and performances by local LA bands and artists.

Disson helped launch the company's "Free Art for the People" initiative, geared at making the arts accessible to all audiences, regardless of their ability to pay, building community in the process, while transforming the historic Los Angeles Broadway District into a community where the arts and audiences can flourish.  In doing so, Disson successfully brought on a number of corporate sponsors to help fund and promote the production, including The Standard, Downtown LA, Grand Central Market, Downtown Center Business Improvement District and Golden Voice.

The production took place in April 2010 at the historic Million Dollar Theater in Downtown Los Angeles (a 2,500 seat house) and was directed by Satya Bhabha with choreography by Mecca Andrews and featured: Anna Oxygen, Amanda Jo Williams, Featherbeard, Ariana Delawari, Oliwa, KP Thomas, Max Guirand, Aska, The LA Ladies Choir, Cortney Alexander, Cristine Tatomer, Jamila Glass, Melissa Schade, Disson, Brown & Kolar.

Post Fact Productions is an LA based theater company co-founded by Rachel Kolar and Lauren Brown (He's My Brother, She's My Sisiter), that creates wide spread experimental work through the marriage of local progressive music, dance, visual art and theater.  



"If you're hungry for a post-modern, hyper-colored dose of culture, Post Fact Productions' "NEW," an experimental rock opera, is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite while assaulting your senses." - LA Times' Brand X Daily

"NEW.'s playwright Rachel Kolar, Lauren Brown and Nicole Disson operate under Post Fact Productions, 'a community for the Avant Hard' that understands corporate marketing. No one simply hands out money these days, but companies seek branding opportunities. The stylish factor certainly worked to Post Fact's advantage in getting The Standard's sponsorship. This Production's cast, crew and friends include some of Echo Park's hippest rising talent." - LA WEEKLY 

"New. tells a story about destruction and transcendence. Over-the top neon clad party snobs seek power and hierarchy, destroy civilization, and try to conquer the afterlife. This twisted tale describes a world saturated in synthetic desire, a culture desperate for recognition without effort or compassion, and Mother Nature's ever-increasing power to move us to become better people or put us in our place, realized through song and dance." - LA RECORD



Nicole brought a special installation of THE SERIES the second and third annual New LA FOLK FESTIVAL. Held at the Zorthian Ranch in Altedena, CA,  SERIES producer Nicole Disson and return SERIES directors, D'Arcy F-M and Zoe Aja Moore, lead over a dozen performers throughout the ranch to engage with festival guests as 'The Zorthians.' Spoons were auctioned, fortunes were told, feasts were had and a parade ensued.

The New Los Angeles Folk Festival celebrates the emergence of new folk inspired music and local culture, throwbacks, roots, experiments with tradition and modern folklore, often in environments inspired by the wild west and old country themes.