Nicole Disson


Live Arts Exchange (LAX) LAUNCH PAD

Opening Night Performance Event Directed & Curated by Nicole Disson  


Hysterica Dance Co. performing live with Caught A Ghost at the Bootleg Theater

Nicole directed and curated the opening night performance/event of Live Arts Exchange (LAX), a new contemporary performance series featuring all-local artists in theater, dance music and cross-genre performance.

LAUNCH PAD, Disson’s themed event, took place on Thursday, September 19, 2013 and merged social happening with performing arts at the Bootleg Theater

Produced by Los Angeles Performance Practice and the Bootleg Theater, the first Live Arts Exchange festival will run for three weeks and feature over sixty local artists. For more information on the festival visit:

Photos by Amanda Shank documenting LAUNCH PAD. More on the event and participating artists here.   

Actress Vivian Bang with OPPOSITE OF ROBOTS

Actors Saxon Jones and Gabriella Rhodeen performing excerpts of BEWARE, a new play directed by Zoe Aja Moore

 Jacqueline Suskin of POEM STORE writing poetry on demand

Ballerina Stephanie Kim of Hysterica Dance Co.

Dancer Tara Brook of Hysterica Dance Co. performing choreography by Kitty McNamee

Actor Nicole Disson performing new works by Mecca Vazie Andrews

Deena Thomsen and Marlon Pelayo with Hysterica Dance Co. 

Dancer Hunter Hamilton with Hysterica Dance Co.

 All photos by Amanda Shank

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