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REDCAT NOW Festival 2013

Photo of Nicole performing in Mecca Andrew's   Molly Maps Erratic   at REDCAT's NOW Festival 2013 

Photo of Nicole performing in Mecca Andrew's Molly Maps Erratic at REDCAT's NOW Festival 2013 

This summer, REDCAT launched its tenth annual New Original Works Festival, a three-week celebration of Los Angeles' vibrant community of artists making work for the stage. In the spirit of CalArts, REDCAT's parent institution, the theater is transformed into a laboratory for creativity and new ideas—while offering audiences an inspiring view of a generation of artists among us. Nicole had the great pleasure of participating in the festival, performing in an original piece, Molly Maps Erratic, by choreographer/director, Mecca Vazie Andrews.

Photo of Director/Choreographer Mecca Vazie Andrews 

Photo of Director/Choreographer Mecca Vazie Andrews 

Part William S. Burroughs and part Whoopi Goldberg, Molly Delilah Roundtree (a.k.a. Mecca) attempts to orient others to this decidedly off-kilter world where subcultures collide. In spoken prose both funny and poignant, Andrews' alter-ego speaks from the clear haze of her anxious but perceptive mind, while her ensemble of dancers, the MOVEMENT movement, fight to contain their compassionately rebellious energy. Perceptions shift, music skips and cycles break as Molly Maps Erratic delivers a cathartic, high-energy anthem of liberation and release.

Photography by Steven Gunther

A recent write up on the kick-off weekend of the festival can be viewed on Living Out Loud.

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