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Nicole is currently producing Sleepover LA, which she co-conceived with the film's director, Lily Baldwin, who co-wrote the film with Andrea Claire Maio.  A short film that revamps traditional narrative with stylized dance and pop song mash-ups, Sleepover LA tells the story of two women who spend a night at The Standard hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, where they trip into a haunting and ecstatic dreamscape that leaves them having traded places.

The hotel’s sleek interiors and inhabitants set the stage for a series of synchronistic overlaps between these strangers. Dance and choreographed gesture act as a tool to highlight the bizarre within the mundane, the surreal life lying just below the surface.

The film features original songs by Australian pop duo Pnau, and a score by Mark degli Antoni (Into the Abyss, Soul Coughing) and Austin Rhodes as the Director of Photography. 

Sleepover LA was filmed this past December 2012 at The Standard, Downtown LA and features select styles and talent from LA, NYC and SF pace-makers.   In addition to producing the film, Nicole acts in the piece as one of the central characters, alongside Baldwin.  Introducing dance as a character of this film in itself, the film’s narrative will unfold using movement as well as scripted text. Fashion will play an integral part in setting the tone, with stylist Katie Casey and production designer Sonja Kroop. 

Story Synopsis:

What happens when you leave the world you know behind? When you go to a place where you don't know anyone, least of all yourself? A world of possibilities unfolds; will you try them on? What and who will you find? Who and what will find you?

A quirky, sheltered, east coast girl comes to LA with an old mini suitcase and a torn out magazine picture of two cool glam women laughing on an LA rooftop. Meanwhile, a savvy and enigmatic business woman, glides silently past palm trees in the back of a town car, refusing her calls. They both land at a hotel in Downtown LA. The hotel's visually lush interior, and its enticing inhabitants, are the catalysts for each woman's transformation: Taylor, from bumbling tourist, to brazen traveler, while Felix relinquishes her coiffed veneer for a more honest self.

Sleepover follows these seemingly "disparate" women through a weave of mysterious and elegant overlaps: finding their way to the hotel, navigating its interiors and culminating on the roof where they tumble into the pool and finally meet, coming face to face underwater. The camera cuts slyly between their different yet proximate worlds. Dancescapes appear in unexpected places, surreptitiously turning mundane moments into potent movement. Both women encounter a cast of hotel guests that unlock their transformation; an impishly handsome consort, an extroverted Japanese Decora girl with an infectious sweet tooth and two young DJs who travel with their sound gear as their only luggage.

A stylized rooftop dance extravaganza is the stage for the night's consummation; where cutting edge choreography, pop song mashups, and distinctly troped styles, tell a story of colliding worlds; both physical and psychological.

To stay up to date as the post-production progresses and to peruse additional photos from production, see the Sleepover LA official Facebook page.

All Photos by Shelby Duncan; December 17, 2012 

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