Nicole Disson


Festival Coverage in the Los Angeles Times

Writer Dima Alzayat covered the happenings this past Saturday's New LA Folk Festival for the Los Angeles Times. Dima took a few minutes to sit and chat with Nicole about her involvement with the festival and THE SERIES alike.

"Performers led by local experimental artist Nicole Disson, dressed in a medley of overalls, velvet jackets, large-brimmed hats and feathers, dubbed themselves the "Zorthians" and spent the afternoon playing practical jokes on visitors as a welcome to the ranch. A horse corral, a chicken coup, llamas and goats completed the nostalgic rural setting, taking attendees back to a slower-paced, easier time where the deer and the antelope played, so to speak."

For the complete article visit: New Los Angeles Folk Festival sets toes tapping at Zorthian Ranch
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