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Special NOMERICA at El Cid!

First off we say goodbye to our favorite resident guest DJ Mr. Bruno Malone as he takes off on a Nationwide book tour. Over the last few months Bruno has helped us make Nomerica LA's best Thursday night party. We will miss him dearly and he will will always have a spot in our DJ lineup.

In his honor we have invited special musical guest Heather Porcaro to perform a unique acoustic performance with covers of some foreign language standards, along with special guest DJ, and dear friend, Max Goldblatt.

The goodness doesn't end there. We are welcoming our friend Elijah Wood for a special guest DJ set. Beyond being an obviously incredibly talented actor he is also a real connoisseur of quality world music and happens to be a skilled DJ to-boot. We're all really looking forward to his first DJ set for Nomerica.

To top it all off... if you get to to El Cid early enough you'll be treated to a special stage experience by touring performance company The Missoula Oblongata ( performing "Daughter of Father of Time Motion Studies"!!! Arrive by 9:30pm for the performance, show lasts an hour long.


@ El Cid 4212 Sunset Blvd. (Silverlake)

Best non-American music night in all the land.
Dance until your dashiki falls off!

Hosted by:
Nicole Disson & Ana Calderon

Resident djs:
Ana Calderon
William Lemon III

Live music:
Heather Pocaro

Live theater:
Missoula Oblongata

Guest djs:
Max Goldblatt
Bruno Malone
Elijah Wood

optional $2 donation to keep the tunes alive
All non-American music, all night!
World! Afro-pop! Psych! 60s French! Cumbia! Brazilian Garage! Peruvian Chicha! Turkish Funk! + More!
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