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From the Desk of…Nicole Disson
Posted on March 7, 2011 by weplaydifferent

by Sara Israel

I aspire to be as genuinely cool as Nicole Disson. When she wears a fedora it looks beautiful and totally legit. I met Nicole after being thoroughly impressed by her performance in a staged reading of a play about Charles Darwin. Little did I know then that in addition to being a terrific actress, Nicole is truly an L.A. performing arts trendsetter.

Nicole is the creator and producer of THE SERIES, which pairs talented dancers, performance artists, playwrights, poets, composers—most of whom haven’t worked together previously—to collaborate on original pieces that will be performed only once, site-specifically on the rooftop of The Standard, Downtown L.A. She’s also so cool, she’s figured out a way to make the admission free.

For insight on how a producer uses a desk—and how sometimes she just needs to chase someone down the street—read on. . . Continue reading →
From the Desk of…Nicole Disson
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