Nicole Disson


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Post Fact Productions' NEW. was a resounding success and brought in some really terrific press. Some quotes and links to several articles recently published on the production for your reading pleasure below:

"If you're hungry for a post-modern, hyper-colored dose of culture, Post Fact Productions' "NEW," an experimental rock opera, is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite while assaulting your senses." LA Times' Brand X Daily

"NEW.'s playwright Rachel Kolar, Lauren Brown and Nicole Disson operate under Post Fact Productions, 'a community for the Avant Hard' that understands corporate marketing. No one simply hands out money these days, but companies seek branding opportunities. The stylish factor certainly worked to Post Fact's advantage in getting The Standard's sponsorship. This Production's cast, crew and friends include some of Echo Park's hippest rising talent." LA WEEKLY

"New. tells a story about destruction and transcendence. Over-the top neon clad party snobs seek power and hierarchy, destroy civilization, and try to conquer the afterlife. This twisted tale describes a world saturated in synthetic desire, a culture desperate for recognition without effort or compassion, and Mother Nature's ever-increasing power to move us to become better people or put us in our place, realized through song and dance." LA RECORD