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American Triage

On Feb of 2008, Nicole participated in Marin Theatre Company's workshop production of American Triage, by Maricela Orta-Trevinia. Directed by Nicolas C. Avila, the play was a part of Marin Theatre Company’s Nu Werkz series.

Inspired by the 2006 immigration raids that took place in San Rafael during the time the playwright was teaching bilingual playwriting classes to students in Canal area, additional performances were held at the Pickelweed Community Center in San Rafael with a Spanish translator present.

Nicole played the role of Soraya, Mexican American social worker who has been brought on by the government to determine whether 18 year old, Fatima, can handle the responsibility of guardianship for her 16 year old brother, Lalo, after the children's parents were deported to Mexico.

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In rehearsal.
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