Nicole Disson



Sleepover LA is a short film produced by Nicole Disson and directed by Lily Baldwin, set at The Standard, Downtown Los Angeles.  Featuring a bold score, stylized dance and an eccentric cast that revamps traditional narrative, Sleepover LA tells the story of an innocent tourist that travels to LA and unexpectedly conjures her sister's last night alive. 

The film features an original score by composer Mark degli Antoni (Werner Herzog “Into the Abyss”, Soul Coughing), with a new track by electronic pop and dance band ROOM 8 and was mixed at the Skywalker Ranch Studios by Kent Sparling.  Sleepover LA aligned with The Mill in NYC for re-coloring and was filmed in December 2012 on the Arri Alexa by cinematographer Austin Rhodes. 

Written by Baldwin and Andrea Claire-Maio, the film features Disson and Baldwin as its co-stars, alongside a strong collective of LA personalities, artists, actors, dancers and world champion figure skater, cast by Disson.  The film’s production team boasts strong group of women at the creative helm, including production designer Sonja Kroop, costume designer Katie Casey and additional editing by Alex Lee Moyer. 

The film made its official world premiere at the 26th annual South By Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival in Austin, Texas and held its private market premiere at the EFM Berlinale 2014.  NOWESS premiered the film online. Other festival screenings include:  Hollyshorts in Los Angeles, CA; Oakcliff Film Festival in Dallas, TX and upcoming screenings at Skyline Indie Film Fest in Winchester, VA (Sept. '14) and  Highland Park Film Fest (Oct. '14). 


When Taylor travels to LA to put her sister's ashes to rest, time begins to blur and the past and present collide.  A series of unexpected events take place overnight at The Standard hotel, and she relives her sister Jessica's last night alive, opening her eyes to an entire world she never knew existed. This is the first collaboration between director Lily Baldwin and producer Nicole Disson, both co-stars in the film. Sleepover LA poses this question: How much can change in one night?





SHERPA - Independent Short - directed by Jacob Motz 

Part of an anthology of shorts entitled, CONVERSATIONS. 



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